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That sinking feeling when you find a mistake 2 minutes too late?

Let's avoid that when you publish your pattern!

What is it?

Briefly, a technical edit is a review of your document to ensure it is the very best it can be before it's published. 


Have you ever spent hours on a project or email, only to find a spelling mistake the second after you pressed send? As it turns out, it's hard to spot your own mistakes, especially on a project you've invested a lot of time into.  A technical editor serves as a second set of eyes to make sure that all the little things you might miss are taken care of before you publish your pattern, book, or other document.

What is included?

A full technical edit includes

  • Basic proofreading for spelling/grammar/typographic errors

  • Check of diagrams and charts for accuracy/clarity/rendering issues

  • Check of both the digital and print layout to make sure everything displays and prints correctly

  • Confirmation of yardage requirements, cutting instructions, and piece and block counts.

But I have pattern testers!

Can you publish a pattern without having it edited by a technical editor?  For sure! There are plenty of pattern testers that will point out errors and help you get a pattern that will produce a quality quilt.  As the industry currently stands, however, pattern testers are generally unpaid and their experience is in producing quilts, not quilt patterns.  They won't have knowledge of how much overage should be included in your yardage requirements and won't be checking that all of your tables are aligned the same way.  And because they are generally unpaid, it's always appreciated when the pattern is presented as cleanly and well-written as possible. I know, because I've tested patterns for years!

The Specifics

Generally I receive PDF files to proof, but I can also use Word or Google Drive files if that's your preference. Any edits will be provided as comments or suggestions (depending on the file type), so you can make the changes that work best for you. Before starting I will send a brief questionnaire to get to know your style and preferences (things like your default pressing direction, binding width). I charge an hourly rate billed to the nearest 5 minute increment, and a pattern usually takes between 2 and 4 hours to edit, depending on its complexity. I aim to have the pattern back to you in 1 week or less, but can generally accommodate a shorter turnaround if you need it.



Paper Lace_edited.jpg

Amber Hall
Ambiance Quilting

Kaitlyn did an amazing job as technical editor on my pattern. She caught issues of formatting, instruction clarity, math inconsistencies and spelling errors. She also suggested helpful diagram improvements. I highly recommend her services.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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