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Hi, I'm Kaitlyn!

I'm proof that sometimes your grandmother is right.

When I was in grade school, my grandmother told me I would want to know how to sew. I laughed. I was wrong.

I spent most of my time outside of school dancing. I went to school for geology, and fell in love with hiking. I met my husband playing video games. And then my Mom and Aunt started quilting and I realized just how much I love fabric. 

Turns out that what I don't like is tailoring. Quilting, on the other hand, makes my heart sing. Each stitch is a legacy of love to pass on to others to hold dear. A quilt is the hug that lasts a lifetime.

This is my first quilt.

The project that launched a love story.

When I started quilting in 2015, I dove in head first - despite urging from just about every experienced quilter around me, I didn't follow a pattern, but used this tutorial by Coop Crafts to engineer my own batik version of the Lava Meets Sea quilt that I had fallen in love with on Pinterest.

It took me nearly a year to finish the quilt top before I moved from Canada to New Jersey to be with my husband.  A local longarmer quilted a lovely swirling panto onto it. She folded it onto a hanger and wrapped it carefully, where it stayed hung in my closet until I finished it in Spring 2021.

PXL_20210329_185242577_2 (1).jpg


But the fun kind, you know?

I love trying new things and expanding my quilting repertoire. Pattern testing is a new love - collaborating with other quilters to bring their patterns to life is one of my favorite ways to quilt.


Quilting as a legacy is a passion, and I want to see every quilter embracing their role as author and artist.  I'm also focused on quilting sustainably, using up every possible scrap of yardage, and making beautiful things doing it.  

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